Houston info at your fingertips! Quickly identify schools, childcare, and adultcare centers that work for you and your family.

  • Schools

    Identify the best K-12 schools. A simple rating system of A to F (by the non-profit Children at Risk) helps you find great schools with one easy filter. Look deeper with school demographics, STAAR, SAT & ACT scores, teacher experience, teacher-student ratios, class sizes and other info.
  • Childcare

    Find childcare places close to your home or work. Check out state inspection reports on care quality, ratio of children to caregivers, cleanliness, serious incidents, background checks and more.
  • Adultcare

    Look for different kinds of facilities, from adult foster care to nursing homes. Access state inspection reports to find out about care quality, ratio of residents to caregivers, cleanliness, caregiver responsibilities, safety reports and more.