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  • Licensed Center
    Licensed Centers

    Provide care for 7 or more children under 14 years old at a location other than the permit holder's home.

  • Licensed Home
    Licensed Homes

    Provide care for less than 24 hours per day for 7-12 children under 14 years old in the permit holder’s own home. The owner caregiver must have a college degree.

  • Licensed Before/After School Program
    Before/After School Programs

    Centers that provide childcare before and after regular school hours.

  • Registered Home
    Registered Homes

    Provide care in the caregiver's home for up to 6 children under age 14; they may also take in up to 6 more school-age children.

    Note: Registered Homes are different from Licensed Homes in that the owner caregiver of a registered home need only have a high school diploma whereas the owner caregiver of a licensed home must have a college degree.

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