• What is SimplyCity?
  • Who is it for?
  • Where do you get your data?
  • Could you help me with my data visualization and analysis?
  • How can my organization appear in the featured list?
  • How else can I promote my business on SimplyCity?

  • What is SimplyCity?

    SimplyCity provides tools to empower citizens with information about schools, childcare, and adultcare options in their city and their neighborhoods. While our debut focuses on our home city of Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the United States, and an open data city, we will be introducing other cities in Texas and around the country.

    Our team comprises data scientists who love working with all kinds of data challenges and are led by Mohammed Zakir, who has 17+ years of experience in extracting value from data of all stripes, colors, shapes, and sizes.

    Who is it for?

    Cities and states are increasingly collecting data that can help make citizens make informed choices. However, these data are often not easy to access. Our user-friendly tools bridge this gap to make public data ready for public use.

    This tool is free and is meant for (in alphabetical order):

  • Community organizations, journalists, and researchers to track emerging city and neighborhood trends
  • Concerned residents to make important decisions based on up-to-date information
  • Human Resources departments of companies that relocate employees
  • Individuals and families looking to move to Houston and in search of a neighborhood to call home
  • Parents looking for childcare or schools that match their needs
  • Realtors looking to provide location information to their clients
  • Senior residents and/or their families looking for quality and convenient adultcare facilities.

  • Watch video demos to see how simple it is to use our tool: Schools, Childcare, and Adultcare.

    Where do you get your data?

    The data come from the following sources:

  • Schools: Texas Education Agency / Public School Ratings: Children at Risk
  • Childcare: Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
  • Adultcare: Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services

  • We provide data for the Greater Houston Metro area. All data are updated monthly except for schools that are updated annually.

    Could you help me with my data visualization and analysis?

    Absolutely! We have deep expertise in helping cross-industry clients such as Thomson Reuters, Syngenta, City of Houston, Houston Public Media, Parthenon Capital Partners, Jobs for the Future, Burning Glass Technologies, BrightBytes, Envysion, Competition Dynamics, and more with their data challenges. Please contact us at contact@simplycity.info to tell us about your data needs.

    The Houston metro area is home to 6.5 million residents (and growing rapidly) so placing your advertisement on SimplyCity will do wonders in helping you grow your business. Please contact us at contact@simplycity.info for more information about our competitive advertising rates.

    How else can I promote my business on SimplyCity?

    So that you stand out among your competitors, for a nominal annual fee we allow you to provide your own business description, promotional coupons, and a link to your website for a year. For more information, please contact us at contact@simplycity.info.